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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Zotac GTX 650 Synergi Edition

For gamers, definitely want to have a powerful graphics card to run the latest games with a wide range of best performance. But on the other hand, sometimes constrained by a minimal budget to buy a graphics card desired. And this is often experienced by many people, especially by low budget gamers who want to upgrade the image viewer component.

Zotac is one of the graphics card manufacturers that already have a lot of experience, including to mainstream classes. And one of the products launched are the Zotac GTX 650 Synergy Edition. When viewed from the specifications, this graphics card could be the most ideal choice because the price performance to be the most important aspect in choosing a graphics card for the middle class.

Zotac GTX 650 Synergy Edition is using a base GPU Kepler GK 106 which ready to deliver an affordable solution for gamers and with performance that is not so disappointing. Design of the graphics card is not too big or arguably shorter. And according to the NVIDIA reference from, there is a size of 80 mm fan to cool HFS made ​​of aluminum. Zotac did not provide SLI features so in order to increase the quality of the performance must be by adding one additional graphics card with the same GPU. In addition, the Zotac GTX 650 has no PCIE power as the primary power source and need 2 PCI space to perform the installation on the mainboard because it has a thick HFS construction.

Zotac GTX 650 Synergy Edition Specifications

  • Interface: PCI Express 3.0 x 16 (Compatible with 1.1).
  • Chipset GPU: GeForce GTX 650.
  • Core clock: 1033 MHz.
  • Stream Processors: 768.
  • Memory Clock: 6200 MHz.
  • Memory Size: 1 GB.
  • Memory Interface: 128-Bit.
  • Memory Type: GDDR5.
  • DirectX: DirectX 11.
  • OpenGL: OpenGL 4.3.
  • Ports: 2 x DVI, 2 x HDMI.
  • AMDAC: 400 MHz.
  • Max. Resolution: 2560 x 1600.

Friday, September 6, 2013

SanDisk MicroSDXC 64 GB

The World's Fastest Memory Card Right Now

SanDisk MicroSDXC 64 GB
SanDisk MicroSDXC 64 GB

SanDisk Corporation released a SanDisk MicroSDXC UHS-I card that ideal for users who want a fast memory card that enhanced with the use of the latest smartphones, cameras and tablets. SanDisk Extreme microSDXC allows users to do more things with this device and microSD card.

MicroSDXC memory card has the highest rate when compared to some memory cards that are in the market for now. Read speed up to 80 MB / sec and write speed up to 50 MB / sec to allow the performance of shot-to-shot becomes faster, the data transfer can also be faster, doing the continuous burst mode, fast action photography and file transfer without a long wait.

Moreover, SanDisk microSDXC is the right choice for Android devices with a capacity of 64 GB to provide instant storage upgrade to retrieve and store data. The memory card is also compatible with most types of camera and camcorder Full HD5 sports / action. Because it has a very high speed, users can capture video and image with fast and amazing. UHS Speed ​​Class 1 (U1)4 and rank 10 of Class Speed ​​video recording make users enjoy better performance from a memory card for recording Full HD, 4K HD and playback.

There are a lot of high-end smartphones using Quad-Core processor that has a fast work, featuring Full HD content and applications to a larger external screen with the higher resolution. And applications requiring high memory bandwidth as SanDisk microSDXC ideal which is the world's fastest memory card for now.



Asus presents Maximus VI Impact mobo which is a first kind of mini-ITX motherboard from ROG. Maximus VI Impact uses an exclusive innovation that made ​​for gamers and also one of the proof that size is not the main factor of the performance of the motherboard.

Additionally, this motherboard comes with SupremeFX Impact is a discrete sound card with the best audio and 115 db SNR Impact Power digital power regulator that is similar to that used on the overclocking functions ROG motherboard with ATX size. 

Maximus VI Impact also supports 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity to a higher level. Plus capacitor ELNA for audio device class that completes the high and low frequency signals which results in a more comfortable.

There is also Perfect Voice technology, with active noise cancellation for the input of the microphone, so keep VoIP chat free of noise interference, and Music PnP technology that allows an external audio source can be played through the PC speakers when the PC is turned OFF. Coupled with the SupremeFX Shielding can minimize sound distortion due to electromagnetic interference, output 115 db losless and the ability for high impedance headphones up to 600ohm. So, Maximus VI Impact presents a mini-ITX with a new standard for higher audio.

Asus Maximus VI Impact designing for gamers who want the convenience of a mini-ITX size without sacrificing compatibility and overclocking features. Created by technology ROG Extreme Engine DIGI + III, Impact Power is voltage-regulator module or VRM is simple, use the choke Blackwing 60A, and capacitors black metallic 10K which enable digital power management is more precise to control functions overclocking equivalent ROG motherboards with the size full ATX.