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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


War Of Cheapest Windows Phone 8

War Of Cheapest Windows Phone 8

For Windows Phone market, it seems Nokia still dominates sales in most of ASIA. Almost all lines accommodated prices Lumia series, the Finnish vendor. Start of class Lumia 920, Lumia passing up cheap type 520. Especially for the lower classes Lumia 520 seems to be a competition of Smartfren Ascend W1-C00. Windows Phone 8 is the first output of Smartfren. Lumia 520 is expected to beat the performance of the past.



The design is very closely related to taste. Because each person's assessment of the product will be subjective. Also when trying to compare the design of the Nokia Lumia 520 with Smartfren Ascend W1-C00. Various types factor assessment will fill every detail, from the brand manufacturer to the quality of ingredients phone. But in general, the two Windows Phone 8 has a character similar to each other.

Nokia Lumia 520 cover designs and Ascend W1 look the same and quite cool, with a wide selection of colors. In accordance with the dynamic young age. The difference, for the color choice of the Nokia Lumia 520 more than the Ascend W1. In addition, the concept of 'Removable' that could be applied Lumia attractive alternative. Only by buying back cover color accessories with different colors to be installed on the Nokia Lumia. As for the Ascend, still adhered to the standard cover models.

Talk about body size and comfort when held phones, the Nokia Lumia 520 is the winner. The shape is quite small and slim when compared to Smartfren Ascend W1-C00.



Despite having a larger body, turns to the screen size of Smartfren Ascend W1-C00 exact same as that used by the Nokia Lumia 520. In addition, embedded technology is the same screen. When in place adjacent, two LCD Smartphone is capable of emitting color clarity and image quality is quite good.

Although the specification does not support the technology described on Scratch-resistant glass that is used Lumia and Ascend, but the screen on this smartphone has two anti-scratch ability. So, no need to add an anti-scratch on the screen.
For the interface, seems to have been very clear since the interface of Windows Phone 8, which is used by the Nokia Lumia 520 and W1-C00 Smartfren Ascend is exactly the same.



Based on the specifications and benchmark data, Snartfren Ascend W1-C00 has a higher component than Nokia's Lumia 520. Although both use chipsets from Qualcomm, but the type and speed of the processor is very different. To Ascend W1 could even say a level with the Nokia Lumia 720. Of course the overall hardware performance Smartfren Ascend W1-C00 better than the Nokia Lumia 520.



For software and applications, by default these two smartphones using the same standards and facilities, owned by Windows Phone 8. However, the Nokia Lumia 520 a little richer because Nokia have also included 'app store' owned by Nokia that is supported by a wide barbagai additional applications that can be used to improve the performance features of the Lumia 520. For example, for the traveler, can utilize the navigation features Nokia Maps HERE HERE drive plus. For photography lovers, the Nokia Lumia 520 is also equipped with an additional application for editing photos as Creative Studio, Smart Shot and Cinemagraph. As for the Smartfren Ascend W1-C00 standard applications rely on Windows Phone 8.



Data from the two networks can be said to be impartial smartphone. Because memilikipilihan complete. Nokia Lumia 520 has HSDPA data network with speed access  21.1Mbps and HSUPA up to 5.76Mbps. Instead, Smartfren Ascend W1-C00 2G/EDGE only provide data network for GSM lines.

For CDMA networks, Ascend W1 supports CDMA 2000 1x EVDO Rev.B with speeds up to 3 Mbps `. Windows Phone 8 is the first output Smartfren supports Dual Mode CDMA-GSM, but to slot the SIM / RUIM only one. So, to use the Dual Mode must in turn.



This smartphone features two cameras that are equally strong memilikiresolusi. However, to support the camera feature, Smartfren Ascend W1-C00 is much more interesting than yours Nikia Lumia 520. For example, Ascend has a LED Flash support which can be used for taking pictures in low light, da tone also face detection to determine the focus point based on face detection. This facility was not there on the Nokia Lumia 520.

Nokia Lumia 520 To bring additional applications from Nokia to maximize the camera that is not owned by Ascend W like editing photos. So the Lumia 520 can be creative by using the photo editing features to produce a more creative work.
If the Nokia Lumia 520 powered photo editing facility complete and interesting, Smartfren Ascend W1-C00 excels with VGA front camera which can be used for self-portraits and video calls through special applications.



For the price, both the smartphone market is not much different for Windows Phone 8. For Nokia Lumia 520, cover a wider range of color choices, application support and more attractive as well as name brand Nokia seems still worth considering.
For performance, Smartfren Ascend W1-C00 was far above the Nokia Lumia 520. Because Windows Phone 8 outputs Smartfren using hardware that has the same characteristics as the Nokia Lumia 720. Additionally, Ascend W1 also supported CDMA technology-GSM Dual Mode and front VGA camera that is not provided by the Nokia Lumia 520.