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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Original Samsung and Fake Samsung Supercopy
Original Samsung VS Fake Samsung Supercopy

Nowadays, a lot of fake smartphones on the market. Most smartphone users who feel cheated began many complained about this incident. Smartphone false, which attempts to replicate the original model had been not uncommon in current modern world. Not a few people who are already familiar with the existence of this fake smartphone. but not a few who do not know at all. And one of the many fake smartphones on the market is the Samsung Galaxy S4. By using names such as Samsung Galaxy S4 Super Copy, can be known clearly that this smartphone is a clone of the Samsung Galaxy S4. And many people are not aware of having to use the Samsung Galaxy S4's Super Copy.

Fake Samsung revealed because the price offered is very much cheaper than the original Samsung Galaxy S4, even up to 25% of the normal price. The fake Samsung Galaxy S4 is very similar in terms of shape and facilities as well as on the original S4. Because of the price offered is very cheap, many people are deceived when buying a smartphone. Besides can be found at the centers of cell phones, the fake Samsung Galaxy S4 also marketed online. And the following is a difference between original and fake Samsung:

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Photo Protection On Windows Phone

Besides functioning as a communication tool, smartphones also useful as a storage media files such as photos, videos, songs, documents and so on. But, sometimes the files saved in the smartphone has a private or personal nature and should to do security if the user does not want the files accessed by other people.

Unlike other smartphones OS platforms, the process of securing files on Windows Phone could be said a bit different. Even to take advantage of such protection applications on the Android OS is very limited because the system is owned by Windows Phone is more complicated and application developers is limited.

However, there are several tools that can be used by Windows Phone users who want to protect against photo files contained in smartphones. One tool that can be used is the application of "PHOTO LOCK". Application from Matheus Lustosa (MoiC4) is offered free and paid.

Technically, protection photos using this application is to move the files to the gallery contained on Photo Lock app. This application will create a hidden folder outside the default folder from the Windows Phone system. And access to the images already protected, the user must use the password that was created when the turn Photo Lock. And how to use Photo Lock to protect the photo is:

  • Download and Install Photo Lock app from Windows Phone Store.
  • Create user access with account validation email.
  • After verification, enable user access by pressing the icon "Lock".
  • Then, the user is prompted to create a password and can choose the type of password to be used as "Pattern" and "Classic".
  • Select the "Create Password". If you choose classic mode, type the character you want to use as a password. Then retype it to confirm and "Create Password".
  • After that, users can use the app Photo Lock. And to undertake protection photo files, users have to import the files stored on smartphones to default memory album folder contained in Photo Lock.
  • On the Photo Lock front page, select "Import" icon marked with a downward arrow and strip.
  • Next, will appear a list of photo folders contained in the standard smartphones system. Select a folder and specify the file to be protected. Users can also select all files or specific files.
  • If the list file is selected, press the "Save". And the photo will be stored in the app Photo Lock.
  • The next step, remove the list of photos that have been protected using default gallery Photo Lock from smartphones Windows 8.
  • If you want to see the photos that have been protected, you must open the app Photo Lock and enter a password. In Photo Lock app, users can also move photos from one folder to another folder that can be created or deleted files from the list of photos.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


The Blackberry Hidden Secret

Although the Blackberry 10 has long been circulating in the market and many people are using this smartphone, Blackberry 10 has display that very different from previous series and make the user takes the time to get to know details of this mobile phone. And some tips and tricks that are commonly used in previous Blackberry inapplicable to the Blackberry 10. For that, there are some hidden secrets of Blackberry 10 about tricks and features.

Restart Blackberry Hub

Blackberry Hub is a feature that presents any communication made by the user from BBM, Email, SMS, social media and phone calls. This feature is similar to the social feeds on Blackberry OS v7 but with a wider area of ​​communication. 

In addition to having a function that makes it easy for the user, sometimes Blackberry Hub does not works smoothly as experienced FREEZE when displaying certain messages. To restore Blackberry Hub to normal, users need to restart the Blackberry Hub. "Most users probably will restart the system because it will automatically restart the Blackberry Hub".

But, there are "HIDDEN TRICKS" that could be done. The trick is: "open Blackberry Hub display, then swipe from the top right corner of the screen towards the middle as much as 5 times". And the result, Blackberry Hub will start from the beginning like when the user has just turned on the Blackberry.

Capture the Screenshots or Screen Capture

Many reasons to capture the display screen on a smartphone. For example: user wants to show the highest achievement on their favorite games, capture the BBM messages from loved ones in the form of images and so on.

On the Blackberry 10, to capture the screen display or Screen Capture, "the user simply presses 2 volume control buttons located on the right side of the phone at the same time". And the result, screen capture images can be accessed via photo gallery.

Displaying Percentage Of Boot Screen

Before the Blackberry 10, the boot screen or the screen display when first turned on the Blackberry and before heading to the system only displays the Blackberry logo. Users can not know and can only estimate the percentage of systems that are already loading. On the Blackberry 10 it is also happening. "But by touching the screen while displaying the boot screen, the user can see the percentage of systems that have been loading".

Displaying 6 Months In Calender

In general, the calendar on the Blackberry 10 has 3 display options such as Daily, Weekly and Monthly. But sometimes users want to see a broader view of it. For example, when planning a vacation to a few next months.

To accommodate that plan, the Blackberry 10 has a hidden feature that allows the calendar feature can display 6 months at a time. The trick, "select the month by clicking on the icon on the dock Month at the bottom of the screen. Then swipe from top to bottom in the date area ". Then appear 6 Month Calender on the screen.

Quick Photo Review Of Shooting Results

Sometimes when just to capture the moment on camera smartphone, users want to see the catch directly. Like on iOS and Android, Blackberry 10 users can touch the small icons with thumbnail image on the screen for a recent photo to the gallery. However, the shift towards gallery camera mode takes only one second though.

But, there is a TRICK to see the results of the last photo that have taken more quickly. The trick is not realized by many Blackberry users. "The trick is, swipe from the last photo thumbnail image icon located in the lower left corner toward the middle of the screen". By doing that, the icon will enlarge and display the last image that the camera catches on Blackberry 10.

Displaying the User Mobile Phone Number

This features is very simple. But it can be very useful when user need suddenly, especially for users who are not familiar with their own cell phone number. And to display the user's phone number, "run the phone's features by clicking on the phone icon located in the bottom left corner of the screen when it is on the Home Screen. Then swipe the screen from top to bottom".

That's some hidden secrets of Blackberry 10 which could be revealed for users to operate the Blackberry 10 more easier and fun.