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Original Samsung and Fake Samsung Supercopy
Original Samsung VS Fake Samsung Supercopy

Nowadays, a lot of fake smartphones on the market. Most smartphone users who feel cheated began many complained about this incident. Smartphone false, which attempts to replicate the original model had been not uncommon in current modern world. Not a few people who are already familiar with the existence of this fake smartphone. but not a few who do not know at all. And one of the many fake smartphones on the market is the Samsung Galaxy S4. By using names such as Samsung Galaxy S4 Super Copy, can be known clearly that this smartphone is a clone of the Samsung Galaxy S4. And many people are not aware of having to use the Samsung Galaxy S4's Super Copy.

Fake Samsung revealed because the price offered is very much cheaper than the original Samsung Galaxy S4, even up to 25% of the normal price. The fake Samsung Galaxy S4 is very similar in terms of shape and facilities as well as on the original S4. Because of the price offered is very cheap, many people are deceived when buying a smartphone. Besides can be found at the centers of cell phones, the fake Samsung Galaxy S4 also marketed online. And the following is a difference between original and fake Samsung:


Price plays an important role and deserves to be suspected. Because the prices are much cheaper when compared to the original, it means that the product is fake or stolen goods.


  • For the box of original Samsung Galaxy S4, the material made ​​from recycled paper is a neat, smooth, no rough paper fibers, and light brown. While fake S4 box made ​​by non-recycled paper, rough paper fiber, and older brown box.

  • Original Samsung use plastic wrapping with the SAMSUNG logo is located on the perimeter. While fake Samsung does not use plastic.

  • When viewed from the design of the Smartphone, the distance the home key on the fake Samsung screen is more tenuous when compared to the original. In addition, Samsung's original key is more tender than the fake ones.


  • When the smartphone is turned on, the screen on the original Samsung has a smooth picture, sharper, nice and not broken. While the fake has a sharpness and color are less clear.

  • The screen resolution on fake S4 is not full HD like original Samsung. In addition, when the original S4 lit for the first time, the SAMSUNG logo appears smooth and not broken. While fake S4, the logo that appears stalled and broken.

  • In terms of camera quality, original Galaxy S4 displays sharp and crisp images. While the fake Samsung, the resulting image looks ugly and dull.

  • On the LED flash, Samsung's original is white physically. While the fake Samsung, the LED color is yellow physically.

  • Then the battery, the original Samsung has a production numbers and serial number. While fake Samsung does not have a serial number.


  • For the completeness of the application, the original S4 was not equipped with applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook in built-in. While fake S4 equipped with those three applications that are built-in.

  • On Air Gesture, original Samsung Galaxy has a detection distance of 0-10 cm. While fake Samsung detection sensor has the ability to read hand gestures in 0 - 3cm.

  • In the original Samsung menu, Air Gesture equipped with many options, Beam and NFC can be used. While fake Samsung, Air Gesture menu only there are only 2 options, the menu Beam and NFC can not be used because the only form of writing.

  • There are a number of suspicious applications on fake Samsung Galaxy S4 as apk installer or the other. Whereas in the original Samsung Galaxy S4 none.


  • When performing tests using benchmark applications, utilities, or the like such as Quadrant, Antutu, Identifier CPU and CPU-Z, chipset detected on the fake Galaxy S4 is MediaTek or MTK, or others. While the original S4 chipset will bring it came from the factory.

  • Then to prove genuine or fake, do a test on the Samsung Galaxy S4 using the Samsung Kies application. If a smartphone can be read as the Samsung Galaxy S4, the smartphone is genuine. Whereas if can not read, so the smartphone is fake.

  • The last is when the initial boot after a factory reset, a logo that is displayed by fakes Samsung logo is other than the SAMSUNG.


  1. At first we must begin to suspect why the prices offered much cheaper than the official prices.

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  5. am a victim,my samsung galaxy s4 mini is fake.....

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  9. I was offered a very cheap Samsung Smartphone (Galaxy Note 3) by my friend and he said that it's original. The price difference is almost twice cheaper than the official samsung smartphone that is sold in marketplace. Im gonna proof it myself if the smartphone was original or supercopy by using these references above.

    By the way, you should buy smartphone online in a trusted shop only. Too many crooks trying to fool you in the internet by selling fake phone or even run away with your money without sending any phone.

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  13. Tegenwoordig is het echt moeilijk om het originele product te krijgen. Omdat het nu heel gemakkelijk is om items te repliceren of te klonen. Toen ik naar Nederland verhuisde, was ik erg gespannen van waar ik mijn gadget-items koop. Ik heb smart sport hd 1080p gekocht actie camera review alleen voor testen en ik was helemaal geschokt door de kwaliteit van het product, met die prijs. Later kocht ik veel items van daar de kwaliteit van het product is uitstekend, service is geweldig en bovendien bieden ze enorme verkoop! Ik houd echt van hun!

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