Friday, March 14, 2014



Although for the Windows Phone market is not as big as iOS and Android, but the devices that use the operating system from Microsoft on average have a good quality product. An example is the camera function. Currently, the camera becomes the most important and one of the main features in a mobile phone or smartphone. Especially for fans of SELFIE. And to produce images that have a high-quality art, smartphone users always take advantage of photo editing application from device that they used. In addition to make the photo more interesting, users can also share the photos directly to social media.

Specifically for Windows Phone, photo editing application arguably not as much as Android. But there are some applications that can be selected. These applications are generally also become one of the top apps on other platforms, and one of them is Instagram. And here are the 5 best photo apps for Windows Phone:


After a long wait, Windows Phone users can finally use instagram directly. Instagram Beta is a photo editing application that also provides a social networking service that is quite successful in providing facilities for the fans of selfie and users who have a hobby of photography, to continue to enliven the development of social media through the images they produced.

Instagram Beta provides a wide range of effects, filters, frames, and the ability to do unlimited upload. In every photo shared, users can share comments and also give 'LIKE'.


Camera 360 is a photo application from Chinese developer and can be regarded as Chinese Instagram. But, Camera 360 is not a social media service that stands alone like Instagram. This photo app is more focused on the ability of editing and photo.

By using the Camera 360, the user can improve the shape of the face such as the eyes appear bigger or also make the face become gaunter. In addition, smartphone users can also add effects and filters that will make photos or other selfie become more beautiful and attractive. On Camera 360 Windows Phone 8, the main features offered are Natural Effects, Live Effects, Compass and Superior Frames.


Nokia Cinemagraph is a photo application that is dedicated to the users of the Nokia Lumia. Users can enjoy the main functions such as combining photos with animated images and make the results of the photo as if it were alive. Nokia Cinemagraph is very easy to use, and users can also use this application to create personalized clip videos.

Nokia Cinemagraph also offers the ability to create cinemagraph with HD 720p resolution. In addition, this application can be used to give effect to the transition of images and features a very subtle color pop. Editing results will appear in GIF format, and can be shared to social media, email, and messaging directly.


Fhotoroom can be regarded as a combination of a pro camera, professional photo editing, and photo sharing service. The main focus from this application is to produce the best images by using camera technology such as ISO, Exposure, and EV by default.

By using the Fhotoroom, the user can improve the image using the basic editor features, giving a unique style in a photo, add some special filters, and add pretty frames. And Fhotoroom can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store directly and for free.


Phototastic can be used to create a photo mosaic or collages with beautiful appearance and attractive. Not only that, Windows Phone users can also add a classic frame effects or choose one from dozens of templates are provided as Photobooth, Film Strip, and Polaroid.

Phototastic offered in two versions: Free and Paid versions. For the paid version, the photo app offers a more complete feature. Users can add other interesting effects, select multiple photos, filling the frame background, arrange and edit the frame borders, add stickers, and many other interesting features.


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