Sunday, March 8, 2015


The latest system update for iOS 8.2 reportedly will be available soon, predicted the new release will come in this week. Updates are also rumored to be giving a number of improvements of the health features. Mobile operating system developed by Apple is disclosed by the company to improve the health features, which is the synchronization with Apple Watch . There are a number of new improvements, and fixes a bug that occurred in the previous series. As anticipated, Apple who are dealing in the realm of wearable device industry, is designing Apple Watch with the same features as Android smart clock products.
So most likely the health and fitness features embedded in the device, and can synchronize between the hours of Apple's smart with other mobile products, such as the iPhone and iPad. Quoted from Cnet site, Friday (06/03/2015), some changes log, as well as new health features present in the latest version of iOS 8.2, one of which is as follows:
- Add the ability to select the unit of measurement for temperature, weight, height, distance and blood glucose

 - Improves stability when dealing with a large amount of data

 - Ability to add and visualize the training session of the third party applications

 - Solving problems that occur when a user adds a medical photo

 - Improving information unit for vitamins and minerals

 - Fixing the data refreshment health in real time

 - Troubleshooting graphics results of assessments performance

 - Adding a privacy setting that allows lethal tracking steps, distance and flight

Unfortunately, there is no clear information about exact time regarding the availability of the update.

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