Sunday, September 8, 2013


Multi Touch 3D To All Surfaces

Haptix Multi Touch 3D To All Surfaces
Haptix Multi Touch 3D To All Surfaces

Interact with smartphones and tablets means using the touch screen. Screen not only receive one input but multiple inputs at once or multitouch. If you look to the future, there is the concept of interaction without having to touch the screen directly, but simply by moving a finger in the air. And a system called Haptix is one technology that offers the concept. Haptix has a shape like a pair of webcams with CMOS camera to detect input.

In addition, Haptix equipped with 2 CMOS sensor with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels that can accept input in a high frame rate. There is also a lens with a 120 degree wide viewing angle. Haptix is ​​enabled to detect 10 objects with each object has a unique ID so that each different functions can be activated by using a different finger as well. Haptix will register to every touch point located on a flat surface, and also adds a 3D layer on top of the touch area so that users can know which fingers to react with a touch screen before committing further to perform certain functions.

For example, Haptix work with a laptop. Put Haptix at the top of the screen and connect with a USB cable. After the function, the user can pinch to zoom, swipe and scroll over the surface of the keyboard to interact with the screen without touching the physical keyboard. Imagine! There is a virtual touch screen or trackpad transparent, floating on the laptop keyboard. But, if then receipts keyboard for typing, the system automatically switches off by itself.
Haptix running with Plug And Play system because there is a Micro-Controller inside the device that can recognize the other devices connected. For this prototype phase, Haptix still need Windows or Ubuntu operating system to run. As for the connectivity to the other devices, use the USB cable Haptix because if use wireless, the price will be more expensive. The first unit of Haptix available in February 2014 and sold for U.S. $ 65.


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